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Search smarter! Save and organize favorite web pages in tabs so you don't have to look for them again and again. Optimal Desktop gives you 3 layers of tabs for quick browsing, saving and organizing of favorite web pages and rss feeds. Optimal Desktop Tabs make it possible to get to any of your favorites with 3 clicks or less. You organize favorite web pages, rss feeds and desktop folders by subject or project to create your own personal portal such that all your windows stay open and organized just as you leave them every time you logon. Optimal Desktop runs on Internet Explorer and comes with a pop up blocker and a password recorder optimizing your browsing experience. Optimal Desktop's link sharing features let you tag, comment and share your bookmarks through email, xml (RSS) or tabbed browser files. Optimal Desktop is intuitive and very easy to learn and comes in Professional, Mobile and Network Editions. The network edition lets Project Managers centrally create, and mange access to information sources that cut across Intranet, Internet and Network drives significantly improving productivity and collaboration for groups of users.

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